Where have we gone?

  I don’t understand why the ego of men gets in the way so often. Why a little tiff can turn into such a big back breaker because he can’t just stop and say sorry. Ego and pride, the downfall of a lot of relationships. I wish that things would be easy and people would stay in love. That relationships would stay “fresh” and the lust would linger forever! The romance would be alive and at its prime!

A family member pointed out to me the other day.. That you are only put/kept on such a high pedestal when they don’t have you, and you aren’t stuck. As soon as your theirs.. That pedestal falls so hard you can’t even comprehend what happened, so it takes a minute from that fall to notice all the small changes. First he stops opening doors for you.. Then there is no more good morning texts/notes. After that follows things like.. Cuddling, telling you that you’re beautiful, saying you look skinny, admiring you, missing each other’s presence so often, running for the door after that long day he’s had at work. Instead, you argue about all the stupid petty things that really do not matter. Looking back 30 years from now do you really think you’ll remember the fight you just had about the way you closed the door? Or loosing a videogame and getting angry? What about the fight that was created over who’s putting the kids to bed? It’s just so frustrating to know that sometimes in a relationship, the fire that was keeping the relationship going, burns out. Yeah I know sometimes it’s not for 20 years, others it’s 2, 5, 10, 30 etc. The point is.. IT HAPPENS. My question is, how do you get it back? How do you get THAT relationship back? You know what I’m talking about, the one where you catch yourself thinking of once and awhile and whisper to yourself how much you miss it. You keep thinking of how much you miss how you were treated and how much he showed you he loved you. The way things used to be and the woeing words he used to whisper to you. If there is a way to lite the flame again.. And NOT let it go out.. Please.. Share it with me. 

– Sincerely a tired woman who wants to feel loved