People suck. 

While I grew up I had a lot of horrendous things happen to me. I had people do things that they would be embarrassed if I let the world know. Hell I have things I’d be embarrassed to share with you guys! I want to write a book so badly. But i know if I write a memoir so many family members will be upset. I’m young and I want to write the book while I still remember what happened to me. I feel like as time goes on I forget more and more details I once knew. Why is it that I am unable to write my life because other people are embarrassed about their actions? I’m trying to start living by the mentality of “If you didn’t want it out there for anyone to know, you shouldn’t have said it and you shouldn’t have done it.” It’s my life and I really shouldn’t be limited to protect other people’s egos. What about mine and what about them not protecting it all those years ago?! 

Nope. To them it’s completely different. Things are so once sided because they are older and more experienced. Hm. What to do…? 


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