“You call that parenting?”

We live in a world where if things are done someone’s way it’s automatically bad parenting. There are so many things that I want to say about this because it honestly just makes my blood boil. I do have a hard time with it, I am a young mother and frequently get judged for just my age alone. Then comes the criticizing comments about parenting. The stares and whispers. It use to bother me and reeeeally get to me, but I’ve overcome it because I know I AM a good parent. I know that if don’t do things the way YOU do them, I am still a good parent. I am an awesome parent at that.

I’m very aware that I haven’t been able to experience “grown up” things for very long. As a matter of fact I was thrown into the thorns at 15. I had to grow and learn by myself with my SO. We as children set out to do the best we could learning all we could along the way before our child was born in 9 short but long months. So many people tried interfering and putting their two sense into the matter, but we knew how we wanted to do things and we tried our hardest not to listen to them. My whole pregnancy I listened to people say I should give my baby up for adoption, I was a whore for getting pregnant, me and my SO would NOT work out, the baby was better off with another family who was able to provide more. It really got to me, I can’t deny that. But as the baby grew inside me I knew more and more every day what I should do. He was mine, and no one was going to take that away from me. 

Growing up, my family was very set in their ways and kinda made me the same way. Good hygiene and proper etiquette were a must. So hearing other parents well you know.. Parenting.. Has been hard for me. One of the biggest things I have encountered is to circumcise or not. I HAD NO CLUE that people didn’t circumcise their children. At all! I’m serious! So while I was going to my young mothers school, we were apart of the daycare there for our children. Which included changing diapers every other period. I happened to fall on the “other” period lol my first boy diaper I changed was a little boy who was 3 1/2 years old. I was astonished. I did not no what to do… I changed him and went and talked to the daycare lady.. And she told me a lot of people choose not to circumcise! I was, gosh what’s the right word?! We will go with mindblown. Then, a week later.. I had a Latina girl I went to school with come up to me and ask me what was wrong with my sons penis. What. What. What. I again just had to sit there. What. Oh my lord. She had never seen a circumcised penis before. I didn’t know what to say lol she asked my why I chose to circumcise my son. I knew that part of course! 

1. Cleanliness. Because I don’t care if you are gods most prized best parent out there.. Boys ARE boys. Stinky, sweating, overdue for a shower, BOYS. They are lazy in their teens and some way on til they die! If they don’t want to clean. They won’t. And I know a few like that. There is so much bacteria and nasty sitting down there, if the skin isn’t cut it just sits there, unless of course the guy cleans. If not, that bacteria causes infections, swelling, pain, and sometimes even serious problems. Yeast infections are quite common in uncircumcised males. The part that reeeeally gets me is all of that yummy bacteria is sitting there UNTIL inter course. Oh yes, you guessed it. Oh lord, hold on a sec gotta go vomit. 

2. Appearance 

Yes. Appearance. Have you ever seen a soft uncircumcised penis? If not consider yourself blessed. Maybe I’m just a selfish inconsiderate woman, but I’d like to have the thing entering my body look somewhat please and CLEAN. But that’s not in this section lol talking to my SO about it, he told me that in his football and track teams there were 2-3 people uncircumcised. They were mildly made fun of and kinda embarrassed. Talking to girlfriends, a lot of these said they would much rather be with a circumcised man. 

3. Other reasons!

I hate. Hate hate hate. HATE. When mothers bring up the “torture” part of it. “It’s torture and should be illegal because it’s cutting of the most sensitive part of a mans body.” Come on. His penis is still sensitive. Still there, just not as much skin. Why are you even thinking about his future sex life? Lol. My SO other says sex is still great being circumcised. Soooo don’t worry he’s not suffering sexually. I have got this one thrown in my face plenty of times!

The other “torture” is people saying “Well could you imagine your clit being cut off because it’s the most sensitive part on your body. But you don’t see people don’t that, it’s illegal in the United States.” Yes my friends, I have infact had someone say that to me. A women’s clit isn’t going to change anything with cleanliness, appearance, or health wise. Sexually yes. But I DID NOT  choose to circumcise to “punish” my son sexually. Come on people. 

That’s just one of the MANY things people get so defensive about. Tell me I’m wrong or hurting my son. I’m “stupid” because I choose to circumcise. I don’t tell you your retarded. Your not and its YOUR choice. I have my reasons and you have yours. No need to bicker about something that’s already done and is something you should do at birth.

It bugs me that parenting HAS to be what people want or it’s automatically just shitty. 

Like there are SO many topics that people judge on and try to put their two sense with! It’s annoying is it not? I’ve got bashed for piercing my baby’s ears at a month old. My age for being a mother, No jacket in the middle of the day, co-sleeping with my little girl, Physically punishing my son- there’s a huge difference between punishing and abusing, breastfeeding in public, disaplining in public, and literally SO much more. 

Parent your child and not anyone else’s! Don’t be so quick to judge other parents, instead try and understand! That doesn’t mean you have to agree. 


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