Back on Track! Phen Log!

(5/20) 143.0 

20 lbs pounds lost so far, thank god. 

Okay so this isn’t a lot but it means I’m loosing weight again! Last time I checked in I wasn’t losing anything. I didn’t feel like logging since because I gained a pound and I was moody about it. But it’s gone! 😍 it’s so crazy that every pound makes you feel great when your trying to loose weight. My weight loss progress the first time I was on it was so much faster and easier. This time I feel like it’s taking ages.. That I don’t have because of the wedding! And it’s been a lot harder on my body. I feel so sick all the time and it’s hard to eat. I’ve also noticed I’ve been incredibly overly mad all the time. I honestly think that my depression is coming back. I was doing extremely well for a month or two though! I’ve read that if you aren’t ready to get off of your anti depressants and you do any ways you can relapse. I know I wasn’t ready but being a girl it’s hard to be overweight. So it was either.. Be on antidepressants and be up happy with myself or take phentermine and deal with the real possibility of PPD coming back again. Fuck. Why can’t I just be happy and have things work. 

(5/24) My thyroid is off again, BIG SURPRISE THERE. It’s so swollen that it’s pushing against my throat. Whenever I push on it, it make a weird noise and pops. I’m having a really hard time sleeping at night, I can’t fall asleep no matter how hard I try. I’ve been getting about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Really starting to catch up to me, mentally and physically. Guys. Being a girl sucks. 


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